Keeping The Valley Alive

Status: Honorable Mention

Team: Salon Architects & Praxis (Alper Derinbogaz, Enise Burcu Derinbogaz, Nilufer Caliskan, Selcuk Kismir, Edin Zaim, Ahmet Topbas, Ugur Sutcu, Daniele Ronca, Ecem Cinar, Tibault Jalby, Semih Alkan, Tarik Keskin)

Beylikduzu district has many rural areas such as this particular valley, that is to be planned along with the urban transformation going on in Istanbul. This proposal focuses on connecting the two sides by two main bridges, one being the motorway bridge and the other being the pedestrian bridge. Bridge A (Motorway) connects the two points by the shortest and most effective route, while Bridge B (Pedestrian) relies on a more indirect approach, taking people through a field of sensations, audatorial by the sounds of nature and wildlife, visual by great vistas and resting points on the bridge, and beautiful flora of the proposed landscape planning.