Status: Honorable Mention

Team: Alper Derinbogaz, Hakan Tuzun Sengun, Selcuk Kismir, Sevki Topcu, Orcun Girgin, Aysu Aysoy, Ecem Cinar, Tarik Keskin

Parkopera is a cultural piece of architecture that offers the possibility and fittings for both professional and amateur performances, in a neighbourhood scale, coming alive together with it's surrounding low density residential zones. Parkopera proposes a two-way functionality in main basis.

While the main opera hall offers a workplace for rehearsals & performances in a urban scale, the multi purpose stage opens to the green space in front, rhyming with the casual neighbourhood life. The interior bridge, connecting the platforms inside perforated metal shells that has different functions such as bistros, cafés and resting spaces makes possible to watch from above, different kinds of performances going on at the level below.

The architecture aims to act primarily on uniting the course of existence in the park with the multi purpose stage, deeming the stage as a natural extension of the park and it's users. The stage acts as a home for the casual life in the neighbourhood that flows into it through the park.

This two-way functionality aims to be both a cultural focal point in the larger scale by the main opera hall on the north, and also a public space that goes with the natural flow of the neighbourhood by facing towards the greenery, sounds and rhymes of the street life on the south.