Club Pacifica
Club Pacifica

Pacifica is a virtual club with an ocean theme, that will play host to live performances as well as be a great place to just sit and spend time with people, with a great view of our planet. It is located at one of the "clusters" attached to the main torus, and in terms of space, it is to be considered mid-range compared to other structures and places on the station.

Pacifica neither totally ignores the formations on our planet, nor totally copies them into the high-tech space architecture. It reflects elements from great places of Earth, and manipulates the existing terrestrial formings into a more revised state. This "becoming" form is followed by space habitants changing and evolving needs and necessary functions, and overall aesthetics.

The club has a stage, a bar, a pool and tables with a beautiful space view. Stage has wrap-around aquariums and transformable into a swimming pool, in which the user will be able to purify their bodies by bioluminescent lifeforms.

Mood / Adjustability
Mood / Adjustability

Built into the club are lights and specially filmed tinting windows that will constantly adjust light levels to remain constant, even with us orbiting the earth every 90 minutes and the constant movement of our sun. Lamps include a hoop around them, from which holographic projections can appear.

Stage Room / Space Pool
Stage Room / Space Pool

The stage room has a wrap-around aquarium built into the walls, housing some synthetic bioluminescent lifeforms we’ll have created digitally, that will react with sound and provide some spectacular visuals while the music is playing and the lights are turned down low. Club also has a pool built right into the dancefloor with a retractable glass cover, filled with more synthetic organisms that we imagine will help rejuvenate the body, and underneath is a clear view of the stars.

Structural Integrity
Structural Integrity

In outer space, every inch of a structure has critical importance, and should be designed in a way to minimalise the unused space. That is why Pacifica takes a fully-integrated infrastructure approach to it, allowing the interior of the Vectran based shell to be completely used. This also solves the problem of having the mechanical components disintegrated scattered, which creates other problems in a such sophisticated station.

Formation / Assembly
Formation / Assembly

Pacifica is planned to be three dimensionally printed in space, using material from nearby asteroids. By asteroid mining, there will be no need to transport materials from Earth. Three dimensionally printed parts will then be assembled by drones, by help of human astronauts.

Water is considered to include the first terrestrial life, and when we reach out to space, and begin to create life there, the space is a vast ocean in a way, when come to think metaphorically. And because Pacifica relies on reflecting -and respecting- elements from our home planet, the very first diatoms are taken reference at the point of creating the form. Like diatoms, Pacifica call into being itself as if it was a micro-organism, at the most natural state of a living thing, and then evolves accordingly.