2017 Cekirge Square Competition, 1st Prize

2016 Kizilirmak Bridge Competition, Acquisition Award

2016 PAU School Of Architecture Competition, Honorable Mention

2016 Antalya Opera House Competition, Honorable Mention

2015 Balkan Architecture Biennale, Work "Bloomfield Biosynthesis" Exhibited

2015 Beylikduzu Valley Competition, Honorable Mention

2015 Digital Art Live, Interview & Work "Club Pacifica" Published As Cover Art

2015 TEDxCERN, Work "Biosynthetic Fields Of Cappadocia" Showcased In Rachel Armstrong's Presentation

2015 NYC Sky Condo Competition, 3rd Prize

2014 Authentic Lofts, Letter Of Recommendation

2013 Prime - The Definitive Digital Art Collection, Work "Cryogenic Sector" Published

2013 National Space Society, Artworks Showcased In The "International Space Development" Conference In San Diego, CA