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Tarik Keskin, born in 1989; is an architect, an interdisciplinary practitioner and a researcher of sustainable projects for future.

He had his degree Bachelor Of Architecture in 2013 from DOU, and has been actively working in the industry since 2009. He practices small scale design, architectural visualization and takes part in international & national architectural competitions.

In 2013, he joined Herkes Icin Mimarlik (Architecture For All ), a non-profit and independent architecture organization based in Istanbul devoted to offering architectural solutions to social problems which are faced today in Turkey and beyond and promoting participatory design process in architecture education. Currently he is a project coordinator at HIM, and he also takes part voluntarily as a designer / on-site-worker on various projects.

In 2016 he founded MA Digital, a small creative studio in Istanbul that focuses on architectural visualization.

Besides professional work, Tarik is also an acclaimed musician and video producer.

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MA, Co-Founder

Herkes Icin Mimarlik, Project Manager